Thursday, April 21, 2016

Extreme decluttering in baby steps

People that know me can testify about how attached I am to my things, specially books. The problem is that, as of late, the entropy level at home is just so high that things are getting unmanageable. I'm on the verge of becoming what most people qualify  as a hoarder.

So I had to take drastic measures. I'm giving away several books:
  • Old computer books about older versions of Java
  • Computer books about waterfall methodology
  • Feng-Shui books
 That's it. A big milestone for me. Finally I'm able to admit to myself that my house is beyond any possibility of Feng-Shui transformation and no benefit can be achieved by my family or myself from me struggling with guilt every time I have to move these Feng-Shui books out of the way when I'm looking for something that has been lost in the huge pile of mess that is any horizontal surface in my house.

Not that eliminating ALL Feng-Shui books will make any significant dent in the havoc that surrounds my life right now. But it is a step towards reconciliation with myself. A baby step, I know, but still a step forward.